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Two new instructional courses created by musicians in the Soundslice community went live in our store this month. One course, by Rodrigo Simões, is a detailed primer on learning to play Brazilian rhythm guitar. The other course, by Kaspar Jalily, teaches exercises and warmups to build technique specifically for electric guitar.

Bossa & Beyond (Brazilian guitar) — $30

Rodrigo Simões’ course is all about learning to comp Brazilian music with the guitar. Ten different styles are covered, including bossa nova, choro and baião. By the end you’ll have developed the right-hand technique, the left-hand articulations and the rhythmic knowledge to play in the style made internationally famous by Gilberto and Jobim.

Rodrigo is a wonderful instructor with a rich pedigree of teaching and playing this music. A particularly fun approach in these lessons is when Rodrigo uses percussion instruments to teach you the core rhythms at the heart of each style. Preview or purchase the course here.

Electric guitar foundations — $27

Kaspar Jalily has been a favorite instructor on Soundslice for a few years now. He’s previously put together courses of etudes that show off his contemporary guitar style that mixes fusion, rock and R&B. Now he’s back with a new course all about shoring up technique, specifically for the electric guitarist.

Kaspar was a classical musician by training, and this background informs how he addresses the specific challenges of the electric guitar, like right-hand picking, left-hand economy of motion and amplified sustain. Throughout the course, Kaspar also teaches key concepts of music theory that are most valuable to the modern electric guitarist.

The course is designed to leave no stone unturned in your electric guitar fundamentals. You can preview or purchase the course here.

Create and sell your own courses

Did you know you can create and sell your own lessons and transcriptions on Soundslice? We have a section of our store dedicated to community-created courses. You’ll also see any such course listed on the channel of its creator (as in the neighboring photo). If you’re comfortable creating slices and you’re interested in making instructional content, check out our guide on selling courses.

If you’re new to Soundslice, we recommend that you first get a feel for making a slice or two for your own channel before diving into course creation. Have a look at our “Getting started” video.

These past two weeks we’ve seen some fantastic slices of musicians playing through the transcriptions they’ve made on Soundslice. Perhaps it’s thanks to all the time at home? We’d like to salute these players here for taking their transcription practice to the next level.

Ella Fitzgerald transcription — @marcozammuto

Kudos to Marco for this cross-instrument transcription. He happens to have another equally ambitious Clifford Brown transcription for upright on his channel.

Queens of the Stone Age transcription — @rossnicoll

An iconic rock drum part. Ross nails the feel and fills here!

Django Reinhardt transcription — @wim

With a metronome clicking away on 2 and 4, Wim goes through one Django’s most-famous solos. You’ll notice that this is a cover of a transcription from the Soundslice channel of @chrisfargen — see his page for much more from Django.

Bill Evans transcription — @joliveiramusic

Swinging away and completely locked-in with Bill Evans! Awesome job, João. (We’d be remiss to not mention your recent Coltrane transcription too.)

Allan Holdsworth transcription — @cemevin

This Holdsworth transcription gets to outer space. And for the complete-opposite flavor, see Erdogan’s performance of Benson’s “Stella by Starlight.”

For more

Thanks to everyone who shared these slices. If you like this concept, we’ve got a “Transcription cover” playlist with more where this came from. If you happen to make your own transcription cover slice, please shoot us an email to be included in the playlist.

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