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Covers in the Soundslice community

If you’re viewing a slice that somebody has posted to their channel, you’ll be able to post a “cover” of it.


What are covers?

The Soundslice covers feature is a way for you to post your own performance of a particular piece of music. A cover can be video or just audio.

If a particular slice on Soundslice has covers enabled, then you’ll be able to attach your own performance to it, so that other people viewing the slice will get to see it (including the person who posted the slice originally).

How to post a cover

If you’ve found a piece of music you want to cover on Soundslice, here’s what to do:

  • Record yourself performing it! Use whatever digital device you’d like — a phone, a fancy video camera or anything in between.
  • Make sure you’re logged into Soundslice.
  • Click the “Covers” tab on the slice’s page, then click “Cover this.”
  • On the next page, upload your audio or video file, or enter the URL of a YouTube video. Then click “Continue.”
  • On the next page, you’ll see the original slice’s notation, with your own video/audio next to it. This is the syncpoint editor, where you sync your performance with the music notation. See here for instructions on how to use it — it’s fast and easy.
  • When you’re done syncing, publish this to your channel. The cover will be live for the original artist (and everybody else) to see!