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Saved loops

Looping sections of music is a core Soundslice feature, and a fundamental part of many musicians’ practice routine. Our saved loops feature takes this to the next level, letting you save specific subsections of music for easy access — effectively bookmarking “a slice of your slice.”

Our saved loops feature is only available for customers in a paid plan.

Creating saved loops

Saved loops are integrated into our practice lists system. You can create saved loops for any slice that’s in a practice list.

When viewing a slice in a practice list, simply drag across any part of your notation to create a loop (as described in our separate help page about looping).

Once your loop is created, click the button at the upper right of the selection and choose “Save loop.”


We’ll automatically enter focus mode for your selected section of music, and you’ll be prompted to give the saved loop a name. By default we’ll use the bar range you’ve selected.

When you’ve done that, the newly created saved loop will appear in the practice sidebar:


Using saved loops

Once you’ve created saved loops, it’s very fast and easy to access them. Just click any of the names in the saved loops section of the practice sidebar, and your notation will instantly enter focus mode with the specific loop selected:


Playback will automatically loop, and all other notation will magically be hidden — removing distraction and letting you focus on the subset of music. This is the power of focus mode.

To return to your full music, hence exiting focus mode, click “Back to full version” at the top of the notation.

Renaming saved loops

To rename a saved loop, activate it and click the icon at the top of the notation. Enter the new name, then click “Save.”

Deleting saved loops

To delete a saved loop, activate it and click the icon at the top of the notation. Click “Delete” at the bottom right corner.

If I’ve put a slice in multiple practice lists, do the saved loops appear in both places?

That’s right. Saved loops are tied to the slice, independent of which practice list(s) it’s in.

Is it possible to create saved loops for slices that aren’t in a practice list?

Not at this time. The saved loops feature is only available in the context of a practice list.

Is it possible to make my saved loops public?

Not at this time. Your saved loops are completely private to you.

Is it possible to create saved loops for slices without notation?

Not at this time, but we’re interested in making this possible eventually.

Is there a limit on how small or large a saved loop can be?

Saved loops must always begin and end on barlines. Aside from that, there’s no limit on their size.

Effectively that means the minimum size is one bar, and the maximum size is the full length of your slice.