The Castelluzzo Method, Vol. 1

Learn how to fuse the intricacies of modern jazz harmony with R&B and neo soul vibes.

In this course, Paul unpacks eight of his popular Instagram performance videos, taking you step-by-step through the theory and technique involved in each one.

We’ll cover unique voicings, lines, harmony, and improvisational concepts/techniques.

Some of this material may be difficult at first, but the key is to take it slow — expand on the concepts in each lesson by applying them to songs you know before moving to the next lesson.



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Total time: 42 minutes across 9 parts

· Preview reel Free preview
· Morning Chords
· Noodles
· Don't Know Why improvisation
· A Hot Day in LA
· Ah Yeah
· Isn't She Lovely improvisation
· Morning Ritual
· Red Clay Improvisation

About Paul Castelluzzo

Paul Castelluzzo, born and raised in San Diego, California, started playing guitar at age 8. Early influences were Delta blues artists such as Elmore James, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, along with cajun and zydeco music and (of course) rock and roll.

In his high school jazz ensemble, Paul discovered his love for more complex harmonies and rhythms. Since then, he’s devoted his studies to the language of jazz. These days, his focus has been fusing jazz harmonies with music that is more current and mainstream.

Along with his passion for jazz, Paul is currently in Los Angeles writing/recording with world-renowned producer Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins -- giving him a balance between the pop/R&B and and jazz worlds. Online, you might have seen Paul’s guitar videos on Instagram.

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