Django-style fills
Rino van Hooijdonk
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Django-style fills

A deep dive into rhythmic guitar fills a la Django Reinhardt.
Gypsy jazz
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Django Reinhardt wasn’t just a great guitar soloist. He was also a top-notch accompanist behind musical collaborators such as violinist Stéphane Grappelli. Django’s rhythmic fills were endlessly creative, tasteful and swinging. Read full description…

Django Reinhardt wasn’t just a great guitar soloist. He was also a top-notch accompanist behind musical collaborators such as violinist Stéphane Grappelli. Django’s rhythmic fills were endlessly creative, tasteful and swinging.

In this course, Django-style master Rino van Hooijdonk focuses fully on this style of playing fills. It’s somewhat of a lost art — not many people play like this anymore!

If you know gypsy jazz, you know Rino as one of the most authentic guitarists in the “classic” style. If you don’t know him yet, prepare to be amazed. This is Rino’s first-ever instructional course, and (to our knowledge) it’s the first time an instructional course has focused solely on this oft-overlooked yet crucial aspect of Django’s playing.

This course is a gold mine of material. The core of it is 27 performance videos: 20 with violin and rhythm guitar, three duets with violin, three solo guitar performances and a beautiful duet with a vocalist.

In each case, we asked Rino to play fills, fills and more fills. No solos, just fills. Our approach was to put Rino in as many musical situations as possible, to give you as many fill ideas as possible. See below for the full list of tunes. (Note that we deliberately recorded a few tunes multiple times, in different configurations.)

Beyond the performances, the course includes twelve videos with Rino showing assorted tips and tricks. Finally, we’ve included three bonus videos, with Rino talking about his approach to rhythm and telling the story of how he got started in this style by cycling to the gypsy camps in Holland.

Every note Rino plays is transcribed in tablature and standard notation, so you can follow along clearly and learn as efficiently and effectively as possible. Slow down the video without changing pitch, and drag your cursor across the notation to loop sections you want to practice.

You’ll get the most out of this course if you have at least basic experience playing gypsy jazz. If you’re intrigued by Django but have never played in this style, you’ll likely still get a lot out of it, as long as you have some basic jazz background (e.g., you know what a ii-V-I is). This course is not for beginner guitarists.

There’s easily several months’ worth of study material in here — all for less than the price of a private lesson (which, frankly, wouldn’t be as comprehensive as this). Enjoy this rich collection and get ready to grow your Django-style vocabulary significantly.

Rhythm guitar: Nick Sansone. Violin and vocals: Joanna Gardner. Produced by Nick Sansone and Adrian Holovaty.

Full course

Full course is 65 minutes across 42 parts
Performances: With violin and rhythm guitar
All Of Me
Dark Eyes
Dream Of You
Tu Djaial
Honeysuckle Rose
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Minor Blues
Minor Swing
My Melancholy Baby
Out Of Nowhere
Rhythm Changes
Them There Eyes
Three Little Words
Troublant Bolero
What Is This Thing Called Love
Performances: Duets with violin
Django’s Castle
Melodie au Crepuscule
Performance: Duet with vocalist
Que reste-t-il
Performances: Solo guitar
Blues solo
Django’s Castle solo
Nuages solo
Assorted tips and tricks
Dark Eyes etude
Django’s Castle ending
Honeysuckle Rose etude
Rhythm Changes etude
2-5-1 G major
Assorted chord voicings
Walkups in multiple positions
Bass note movement
Semitone dissonance
Intros (and some outros)
Triplet rhythmic fill
Bonus materials: Rino talks
Rhythm playing
Ear training

About the artist


Rino van Hooijdonk is a Dutch guitarist who plays in the style of Django Reinhardt. He learned to play in gypsy campsites in Holland, including a period when he played in a band with Stochelo Rosenberg and Nous'che Rosenberg as a teenager.

Rino is a respected guitarist in the international Django-style scene, and his playing is truer to Django’s sound than most. Rather than playing in the so-called “Dutch style” of gypsy jazz, full of diminished arpeggios, Rino echoes Django’s classic sound.

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