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Solo basics
Elewout de Raad

Solo basics

Learn to improvise with the minor pentatonic scale using string bending and sliding and common blues licks. Explanation and 5 solos!
Blues · Rock · Technique

Full course

Pentatonic scale BOX 1
How to use the scale
Blues solo 1 (Box 1)
Pentatonic scale BOX 2
String Bending
Blues solo 2 (Box 2)
Slide on the G string
Blues solo 3 (Box 1&2)
Blues Solo 4 (BOX 1&2)
Blues solo 5
Blues Solo 6 (BOX 3)
Blues Solo 7 (BOX 4)
Blues Solo 8 (BOX 5)
Blues solo 9 (All Boxes)
Blues Riffs

About the artist

@Elewout · Groningen, Netherlands

Professional all-round musician/ guitar teacher covering many styles and stringed instruments.

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