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Jacob Macbride

@JacobMacbride · Drums · Southern California

I will be transcribing and covering jazz drum parts and solos.


keyboard, piano, Hammond organ · 6 slices
Find transcriptions, lead sheets, tutorials and listening recommandations on this website dedicated to…


Guitar, Keyboards · 11 slices
The guitar IS my main instrument, but I tend to transcribe mostly piano and sax players. I enjoy listening…


Double bass · 17 slices
Jazz bassist student in training, mostly posting my transcriptions as they come along.


Guitar · 51 slices
Professional guitarist in Chicago and content manager at Soundslice. Likes: pop guitar, straight-ahead…


Guitar · 146 slices
Gypsy-jazz guitarist and Soundslice developer. I post musical ideas and lick transcriptions here.


Many instruments · 488 slices
Purveyors of this fine website.


Piano, bass, vocals, trumpet, guitar, drums and more · 11 slices
Access to premier jazz artists, through a simple, interactive online lesson platform.