Matheus Simões Zaninotto Borin

@MatheusBorin · Guitar, Voice · Brasil

Brasilian guitarist. Passionate about blues, jazz, R&B, brasilian rhythms, funk, soul, rock and all that good stuff. Articulation and fingerings are the key to a good tone and sound ;)

Spain - Matteo Mancuso

July 22, 2019


Insane solo over Chick Corea's Spain More…

16 Tonnes - Oz Noy

June 18, 2019



Kirk is one of my favorite blues guitarist and together with Robben probably my favorite rhythm blues guitarist. So here's a little bit of his comping style on a Bb blues. More…


Joey's solo adapted for guitar.… More…

Kyoto Jam - Mateus Asato

Dec. 26, 2018


A lot going on here. I tried to make sure the articulations are the most accurate possible because it's really what makes everything come together. … More…