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@cameronsimons · Drums · Nashville, TN
I'm a drummer based in Nashville, TN. I hold a M.M. Commercial Music - Percussion degree from Belmont University, and originally became interested in transcriptions while studying there.


I'm a professional musician known by most as a drummer, who also works as a musical director, multi-instrumentalist, and educator. I pride myself on excellent accompaniment skills, creative musical input, and a strong emphasis on groove and tone.

I've lived in Nashville, Tennessee since 2017 and recently earned a Master of Music in Commercial Percussion Performance from Belmont University. Before moving to Nashville, I was based in Seattle, Washington where I completed a B.A. Biochemistry major, Music minor from the University of Washington. While a career in the sciences seemed to be the path of least resistance, my deep passion for creating music prompted a move in another direction and I chose to jump head-on into a music career by making the move to Nashville.

With experience as a drummer, keyboardist, and vocalist, I strive to spread my musical endeavors as wide as possible. I'm constantly working to better my skills as a performer, producer, composer, educator, and more, to keep up with the exciting and highly progressive music industry of today.

Above all else, I value the friendships that I make along the way and I strive to take on every situation with respect, positivity, and a deep appreciation for the opportunity to play music professionally.