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Gus P.

@gusper · Guitar · Seattle, WA

Have played guitar for a long time now, but only started diving into theory and more than just tabs over the last year or so. Using this site to continue the journey.


Here's a fun little solo from another band that I wish was still around. This one's all in E major the whole way through. More…


A classic little riff that's super simple. This one's in G major and uses the CAGED system's C shape (Pattern #3). It basically just drones on the root note while playing down the scale. In this case,… More…
Dec. 12, 2018


My first attempt at transcribing a solo on the site. I feel reasonably good about the tabs/notes, but not at all on timing and bars (now think the third beat of every bar should really be the 1). … More…