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Soundslice Plus

Upgrade for more effective practicing, better transcription tools and simple sharing. All for just $5 a month.

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Get serious about practicing

  • Make lists. Organize your Soundslice content for convenient access. Slices you’ve created, posts from our community, courses you’ve purchased — build your ultimate practice routine using all of that.

  • Create clips. Save any arbitrary passage of music to quickly return to it in the future: “B section,” “Bars 1-8,” “What I’ve learned so far,” etc. This one is pretty slick.

  • Write private notes. Save notes directly in context of the music you’re practicing. Leave thoughts and reflections for your Future Self. Or just use it to track what BPM you’re at.

  • Auto-save player settings. We’ll automatically save your layout, speed and selected recording for every slice you view — so you can spend less time tweaking and more time practicing.

Create better slices

  • Upload MP3s/video. Because not everything’s on YouTube, after all. Upload your own audio or video files and sync them with your sheet music.

  • Import PDFs and photos. Our sheet music scanner makes it easier than ever to create slices.

  • Get better slowdown quality. With your uploaded MP3s, you’ll be able to use our “enhanced slowdown” — clearer and higher quality at slow tempos.

  • Export to other programs. Want to polish your notation in another app? Export your created slices as MusicXML (suitable for Sibelius, Finale, etc.), MIDI (for DAWs) or GPX (Guitar Pro format).

  • Print. Bring your slices onto paper. Some people like to do this.

  • Organize slices in folders. Have lots of slices? Use folders to keep them manageable. You deserve it.

  • Access your version history. Go back in time to see previous versions of your slices’ notation. View each saved version and easily restore any one.

  • Customize keyboard shortcuts. Tailor our notation/tab editor to your specific needs. For the ultimate Power User feeling.

Simple sharing

  • Share slices via secret link. Make your slice available via a secret URL, to share with bandmates, choirmates…anybody with a web browser.

  • Allow others to print your slices. Enable printing on a slice, and anybody viewing it will get that ability.

  • Using Soundslice with students? The Plus plan is a “training wheels” version of our Teacher plan. Check that out for much more flexibility and control.


Rock a supporter badge, create custom tunings, copy notation across slices, tweak editor preferences and gain the power to duplicate slices. And enjoy the warm feeling of supporting our small, independent team.

Questions and answers

How much does it cost?

The Plus plan costs $5 a month or $50 a year. When you sign up, you can choose monthly or yearly billing.

When does billing happen?

When you sign up, we charge your card immediately and you’ll have the plan for the next 30 days (or 365 days, in case of yearly billing). Going forward, you’ll be charged on that same day of the month.

How do I cancel?

Go into your account settings and change your plan to Free. Note you’ll remain in the Plus plan for the remainder of the period you already paid for, after which you’ll automatically be downgraded to the Free plan.

What happens if/when I cancel?

You’ll lose functionality such as being able to share slices or import PDFs. But all of your content stays in your account — nothing gets deleted. You can continue to use your slices via our Free plan.

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