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New feature: duplicate your slices

Today we’ve added the ability to duplicate slices you’ve created.

This is useful for a variety of reasons. For example, you can use it to make slightly different slices for different students, starting from the same “master” slice.

You’ll find the option in the “More” menu in the slice manager. Hover over the three-dot icon for the slice you want to copy:

Screenshot of UI

This feature is available for all paying Soundslice customers. Enjoy!

Brush/strumming arrows in our notation editor

We’ve just added the ability to set up/down arrows next to tablature, using our notation editor. This is handy for explicitly specifying strumming patterns.

Here’s an example of what you can create with it:

Screenshot of notation

These new “Brush up” and “Brush down” buttons are available in the Tablature section of our notation editor, and we’ve updated our documentation accordingly.

New notation support: plop, scoop, doit and fall

We’ve added support for four new markings in our notation engine: plop, scoop, doit and fall.

Screenshot of notation

Used across several instruments and genres — from horn players to singers — these markings generally indicate a falling or rising of pitch.

Our MusicXML importer now properly detects these concepts, our rendering engine beautifully renders them, and our own notation editor lets you set/unset them on notes as you please.

As part of this, we’ve reorganized our notation editor’s menus to add an extra one. We’ve split the “Articulations” menu into “Articulations” and “More notations.” The documentation is updated, too.

Reorder tracks in our notation editor

We launched a new feature today: you can now reorder tracks in our notation/tab editor.


When viewing the track list in the editor pane, you’ll see little “draggy” icons next to each track. Just drag those up and down to reorder. Your notation and tablature will be reordered instantly. Easy!

New names for Soundslice plans

Today we’ve renamed our paid plans, to be clearer. There’s absolutely no change in functionality to any of the plans; this is purely a cosmetic change.

Here’s what’s new:

Visit our plans page to compare features. Again, nothing has changed other than the names.

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