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New: Upload multiple images at once when scanning

We’ve just made our sheet music scanner a lot nicer for those of you using it with photos.

Previously, if you wanted to scan multiple pages of music, your only option was to upload a PDF. If you only had photos, you’d need to find your own way to combine those into a PDF before doing the scan.

Now, you can upload the multiple photos directly. We’ve improved the upload page to show you previews of the images you’re uploading, with a “Select more” button that lets you continually add more:


Our scanning system will use whatever order you’ve put the photos in, so keep that in mind. If you’ve added a photo by mistake, or out of order, hit the “X” at upper right of the thumbnail to remove it.

Pro tip: this works well from a phone, too! On a phone, you have the option of using your camera or choosing from your photo library.


Thank you! This is so great and convenient.

3 future requests:

1. is to have the capability to change the pitch of the video, similar to what you can do in amazing slow downer.

2. to be able to capture and record a video performance and directly upload and sync to the slice.

3. Guitar chord diagrams:
Would be great to be able to copy and paste and have the chord diagrams paste too.
Along those lines, it would be nice to have a preset of chord diagrams, instead of having to manually type in the shapes.

Thanks for listening and considering.
I second everything Tracy suggested
Specially point 3rd

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