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Make your online music lessons awesome

With Soundslice Licensing, your website’s customers will learn more effectively and stick around longer.

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Embed the web’s best music learning experience

Built by world-class technologists and musicians, Soundslice gives students everything they need to learn music.

The old way

Instructional videos and static PDFs

  • Format hasn’t changed since advent of VCR
  • Awkward fumbling w/ instrument while switching between programs
  • Hunting for the right spot
  • Difficult or impossible to loop and slow down
  • Video and notation aren’t linked; get lost easily
  • Awkward on devices with small screens
  • Instructor wastes time explaining what could be simply written out
  • Might as well be YouTube

The Soundslice way

Video synced with music notation/tablature

  • See exactly what’s being played
  • Hear exactly how to play it
  • Never get lost; everything’s always in sync
  • Loop sections, slow down without changing pitch
  • Quickly navigate lessons by clicking notation
  • Fretboard and keyboard views for visual learners
  • Works nicely on phones & tablets
  • Regular improvements and new features

Our player on your site

Soundslice is a hybrid video and music notation player. Press play, and you’ll see the music notes light up, synced with the performance or instruction.

Click on the notation to go to that moment in the video. Drag across the notation to loop it. Transpose, hide parts, hear synth playback, enable a metronome and more.

The result: an effective, efficient and fun learning experience. Students universally love it, and we hear frequently that Soundslice helps them work above their current ability level.

How does Soundslice Licensing work?

How do I create lessons in Soundslice?

Use our web-based notation/tab editor, upload existing files (Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore, Guitar Pro, etc.) or scan PDFs and images with our sheet music scanner. Then sync with video/audio performances by listening and tapping your computer keyboard.

How does it integrate with my website?

Once you’ve created a lesson (a “slice”), you simply copy and paste our embed code into your site. It’s a simple <iframe>, similar to a YouTube video embed. That’s it.

Can I customize how it looks and works?

Yes! Our player fits whatever dimensions you give it, is easily customizable and can be colored to match your site or app. We also have a JavaScript API for advanced integration.

Will it work with my website?

Yes! As long as you can embed <iframe> tags, you can embed Soundslice. Any capable web publishing system, including WordPress, lets you do this.

How much work is it going to be?

If you already have digital music files, it’s just a matter of uploading them and syncing them with video. Need a bulk upload? Get in touch — we’re happy to help.

How does it interact with my existing videos?

We natively support Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia. You can either keep using those services for video hosting, or upload videos/MP3s directly to our platform.


We charge based on how many people use Soundslice on your site in a month. There’s a flat fee of $100 for the first 200 unique users. Each unique user after that costs 50 cents.

A “unique user” is a single computer that's viewed at least one Soundslice embed on your site in a given calendar month. There’s no limit to how many times they’ve viewed Soundslice, or how many different videos they’ve watched.

Most of our customers charge monthly subscription fees. Think of it like so: “Each customer pays me $20/month, and 50 cents of that goes to Soundslice.”

In a unique situation? Get in touch.

At 200 unique users, you’d pay $100 for the month.

You’ll be in good company

The world’s best music education sites are using Soundslice.

“The embedded Soundslice player has been a key instructional component for the students learning guitar at ActiveMelody. Adrian and his team have put together an outstanding product, making it easy to share video and tablature at the same time, not to mention all of the built-in features. In addition, the Soundslice team is constantly making improvements and updates to the player, so it just keeps getting better! Excellent product!”
Proprietor, ActiveMelody
“Soundslice is not only the icing on the cake of TrueFire’s instructional offerings — it’s the missing link! The ability to sync tab and notation to our video lessons, and slow it down, and loop any section, and even view a fretboard representation of what’s being played is the learning toolset that students of guitar have been dreaming about since they first picked up the instrument. Brilliant on every level!”
Founder and CEO, TrueFire
“Berklee Online’s partnership with Soundslice has been key to enhancing the learning experience for our online guitar students. It is an elegant, flexible tool that will no doubt help improve their music reading skills and overall musicianship.”
Berklee College of Music
“Soundslice has been transformative for us in how we present our lesson content on the Open Studio platform. It empowers our students to better understand and learn from our artists by connecting the video, audio and notation in an organic and intuitive manner that our customers love.”
CEO, Open Studio

It’s easy to embed Soundslice on your site

Here’s a quick overview of how it all works.