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Customizing embed colors

The Soundslice embed’s colors can be completely customized to fit the aesthetic of your own website.

To set custom embed colors, visit your account settings and click “Change” next to “Embed styles.” Here’s a direct link to the embed styles page. Note this page is only accessible if you’re logged in and your account is in the Licensing plan.

You’ll see more than a dozen settings to tweak, along with a sample embed that instantly changes to give you a live preview of your chosen settings.

As soon as you click “Save embed settings” at the bottom of the page, all of your current embeds will be updated to use the new colors. You don’t have to change your embed codes or take any other action.

Color formatting

Most of the color values require you to enter a color “hexcode.” This is a standard code used to identify colors on websites, e.g. #ff00aa.

Need help getting a certain color’s hexcode? Try this free tool or just type “color picker” into Google. If you use a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, you can get hexcodes from there as well.

A few of the colors require a value in numeric RGB format: three numbers separated by commas, like 0, 0, 255.

List of color styles

The following images show where each color style is used in our player: