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Customizing functionality for the Soundslice embed

Here are the URL parameters that control functionality in the Soundslice embed.

Controls scrolling when player is in Fluid or Paged layout. Soundslice automatically scrolls notation during playback. By default, we put the currently playing bar/stave at the top of the screen. Use scroll_type=1 to change the algorithm to always ensure the currently playing and the next bar are both visible on the screen at all times; in practice, this results in the playhead being near the bottom of the screen.
Controls scrolling when player is in Horizontal layout (see also the layout=2 notation option). By default, horizontal scrolling displays one “page” of music at a time. Use hscroll_type=2 to keep the playhead fixed at the left edge of the player, while the notation scrolls.
Hides the context menu that appears when the user creates a loop.