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Playhead scrolling options

Soundslice offers a few options for the playhead — the orange vertical line that shows you where you are in the music.

Depending on your current layout, you can change how the playhead moves during playback. Basically this lets you control how far in advance you’d like the music to scroll. You can also disable automatic scrolling entirely.

To change your current scrolling method, open the player’s Settings panel, find “Playhead style,” click “More,” and select one of the options from the menu:


Here are all available options:

“Keep playhead at top of screen” (Scrollable Vertical layout)

This is our player’s default behavior. In this mode, the playhead will stay at the top of the screen (in the first musical system) during playback. Hence you can always keep your eyes in roughly the same vertical space.


“Keep playhead in middle of screen” (Scrollable Vertical and Horizontal layouts)

In this mode, the playhead will stay in the middle of the screen during playback. This is similar to “Keep playhead at top of screen,” with the only difference being the music’s position.

This is available in both vertical and horizontal modes, in Scrollable layout.

“Only scroll when necessary” (Scrollable Vertical and Horizontal layouts)

In this mode, the playback will only scroll notation when the next bar is currently offscreen. In practice, this means the playhead will tend to hang out toward the bottom of the screen.

If you’re in Scrollable Horizontal layout, this is the default scrolling. It shows one “page” of notation at a time — essentially one screenful’s worth. When the playhead approaches the right edge of your screen, Soundslice will automatically scroll the notation.

“Keep playhead at left of screen” (Scrollable Horizontal layout)

In this mode, the playhead stays locked at the far left of the page while the music scrolls behind it. This is only available if Scrollable Horizontal layout is active.

“Disable automatic scrolling” (all layouts)

In this mode, the notation doesn’t automatically scroll. This can be useful when editing notation, because automatic scrolling can distract you and make you lose your place.

Can Soundslice save my playhead scrolling preference for a given slice?

Yes! If you’re logged in and have a paid Soundslice account, we’ll automatically save your playhead scrolling setting so your practice environment will be preserved next time you view that slice.