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Showing/hiding parts and notations

In Soundslice, you can hide the parts of notation and tablature that you don’t want to see.

Say you have four-part choral music, and you only want to see one part. Or maybe you’re reading a guitar transcription and you want to hide the tablature to focus on standard notation. In either case, you can focus your practice by hiding the bits that you don’t want to see.


This functionality is split across two sections in the Settings menu.

The Appearance section


In the Appearance section, you can toggle the display of various types of notations:

You’ll only see buttons for the notations that are actually used in the music you’re looking at. So if your slice doesn’t have any drum sticking, you won’t see the Sticking option.

If your slice only contains standard notation, without any fingerings, lyrics, chords, etc., then we will completely hide the Appearance section — because it would essentially be useless.

The Instruments section


In the Instruments section, you can quickly toggle the display and sound of specific instruments.

For each instrument, we display three buttons:

  • Focus — aka “Solo.” Visually hides all other instruments. If synthetic playback is active, mutes all other instruments.
  • Hide notation — visually hides this instrument’s notation.
  • Mute audio — mutes this instrument in synthetic playback.

If your slice only contains one instrument, then we’ll completely hide the Instruments section — because it would essentially be useless.

Can I use Focus for multiple instruments at the same time?


Are my appearance changes permanent?

No. If you refresh the page, all notations will return to their default appearance. The owner of a slice can change its default appearance settings by editing the instrument.

Is it possible to hide literally everything?

Yes. Not sure why you’d want to do this, but: you do you.

Why don’t I see the “Appearance” and/or “Instruments” menu?

We automatically hide the “Instruments” menu if there’s only a single instrument, because there wouldn’t be any point to showing/hiding it.

We automatically hide the “Appearance” menu if only one type of notation is used in the music, because there wouldn’t be any point to toggling it.

Lyrics-only view

Something special happens if you hide everything except lyrics. It’s called lyrics-only view, and you’ll find more info on this separate page.

Chord-chart view

Something special happens if you hide everything except chords. It’s called chord-chart view. Read more here.

Can Soundslice save my current visibility settings?

Yes! If you’re logged in and have a paid Soundslice account, we’ll automatically save the Appearance and Instruments settings so your practice environment will be preserved next time you view that slice.