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Switching the audio source

Slices can have multiple audio sources — from basic synthetic playback to synced videos to MP3 backing tracks. People can get quite creative, and there’s no limit on the number of recordings a single slice can have!

If a slice has at least two audio sources, you’ll see an interface for switching between them:


If you’re on a smaller screen such as a tablet, this interface will be slightly smaller:


And if you’re on a very small screen such as a smartphone, this interface will be even smaller (the icon will differ depending on whether synth vs. video vs. audio is currently selected):


If a slice has more than two audio sources, click the left button to view all the available options:


What’s Synth?

That’s how you activate synthetic playback. See here for more details.

I don’t see a way to switch audio sources. Why not?

We only show the menu if the slice has at least two options. If you’ve just created a slice and haven’t uploaded a recording yet, then only synthetic playback will be available and you won’t see this menu.

I’m creating a slice and want to add multiple recordings. How do I do this?

See this separate help page.

Can Soundslice save the recording I’ve chosen to practice with?

Yes! If you’re logged in and have a paid Soundslice account, we’ll automatically save the currently selected recording so your practice environment will be preserved next time you view that slice.