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Looping music is one of the best ways to practice. Get your instrument (or voice), loop a recording of your teacher (or favorite artist) and play along, trying to match their pitches, tone and timing.

Creating loops

On your computer, just click and drag anywhere to create a loop. Press play, and let the good times roll. (And roll, and roll…)


As you drag across the notes, we’ll automatically “snap” to notes, rests and barlines — making your loop nice and tight.

Resizing loops

Adjust an existing loop by clicking and dragging its starting or ending points.


Looping on mobile devices

To create a loop on a smartphone or tablet, first tap the “Loop” icon in the control bar. This will create a loop in whatever measure the playhead is currently in. From there, you can adjust the starting and ending points by tapping and dragging.


Play a looped area just once

If you’d like a selected passage to play only one time through, check this box in the “Play options” area of the player’s settings:


This might seem counterintuitive — to play a loop once — but it can be a powerful way to practice. At your own speed, you can start the same passage over and over without having to seek to the start of it each time.