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Changing playback speed

Whether your slice uses real audio, video or our synthetic audio, you can change the playback speed without affecting the pitch.

For real audio/video, you can increase or decrease playback speed in 10% increments by clicking the plus or minus speed controls at the bottom of the page.


Want to get more granular? To change the playback speed to a specific percent, click the existing number and enter a new one. Video and audio recordings that you’ve uploaded can be set between 25-200%. For example: 78%.


Changing playback speed for synthetic audio works similarly to way it does for real recordings. Instead of a setting a percent, you set a BPM.

I want to set the playback speed to be 83%. Why does it switch to 80%?

You are probably using a YouTube video recording. Those are rounded down to the nearest fifth percentage. This is due to a limitation set by YouTube.

Why would I want to speed UP a recording?

Some people are just really motivated to be the best musicians they can be.