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Adjusting videos

Sometimes you want to hide the sheet music and just focus on the video — or at least make the video a little bit bigger (or smaller). Here are the several ways to adjust video display.

Making videos fullscreen


To make a video fullscreen, hover over the video and click the icon with the slashed-out eighth notes. (Note that this will hide the notation.)


You’ll see a waveform below the video. This is intended to be a navigational tool. You can click on it to go to that moment of the video, and you can drag across it to make fine-grained loops.

Resizing videos

To resize a video, simply click and drag the line that separates the video from the notation. (The line is slightly accented to make it easier to see.) As you adjust, the notation will intelligently wrap to fill the new space.


Changing video quality

By default, we choose the best video quality for your Internet connection. You can manually change it by hovering over the video and tapping the gear icon.


Note that this isn’t available for YouTube videos, which have their own built-in quality selector. It’s also not available on iOS, or in Safari on Mac.

Changing video position

In our player, videos can live either above or to the left of the sheet music. You can change a video’s position by hovering over it and tapping this button:


The notation will adjust to fill the space.


Flipping videos horizontally

If a musician in your video is right-handed and you’re left-handed — or vice versa — you can flip the video horizontally, to get its mirror image. Hover over the video and tap the icon that has two arrows. (Note that this does not work with YouTube videos.)