Soundslice For Teachers

Create web-based music lessons your students can watch, hear and learn at their own pace. It’s the perfect complement to in-person teaching.

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I haven’t been this excited about integrating technology into my pedagogy since SmartMusic.

Leo Park, Orchestra Director
Northside College Prep, ranked #3 high school in the USA

The interface is clean, organized, simple and effective. Soundslice For Teachers is a no-brainer!

People on my website are learning things faster now that I’ve incorporated Soundslice. It’s incredible to watch.

Example lessons: Guitar tablature. Piano. Violin. Choir. String quartet.

How it works

1. Create music lessons

Use our easy tools to publish interactive sheet music/tablature, optionally synced with real audio/video performances. It’s the Internet’s finest music learning experience.

2. Share lessons with students

Organize lessons into “courses.” Each course can have one or more students — private lessons and group classes work equally well. Students use free Soundslice accounts to access your material.

3. Facilitate deep practice

Students can slow down audio, loop sections, mute parts and much more — fostering deep understanding of the music. It works in any modern browser, including iPad, Android and Chromebook.


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You can create 20 scores for free, with no credit card required. We’ll ask for your payment info when you’re ready to share with students.

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