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With our performances feature, your students can submit private audio or video of themselves playing music. Then you can post comments and offer any feedback. Everything’s integrated with our private courses system.

Here’s how to work with performances:

First, enable performances on one of your slices. You’ll find this checkbox when adding the slice to your course via the slice page. Here’s what it looks like:


If you’d like to enable performances for a slice that’s already in a course, open your slice in edit mode, then open the privacy dropdown menu in the upper right and choose “Share privately.” Then click “Edit settings” next to the course in the list.

Once you’ve enabled performances, tell your students to submit a performance by opening a course and clicking the “Add a performance” button on the appropriate slice. Voilà!


Managing performances

All performances of the same slice are aggregated together in the “Performances” tab of the slice’s page in the course — making it easy for you to manage.

From that page, you can also download all performance videos. (This is particularly useful if you’re creating a remote performance video of a piece, where each student records their own part at home to be ultimately edited together.)


Adding comments

Whenever a student posts a new performance, you’ll receive an email notification that links you to the performance. From there, you’ll be able to post comments on the performance, offering any appropriate feedback. If you enable student comments, the student can respond to your comments as well.


Deleting comments

You can remove a comment by clicking the trash icon to its right.

Downloading or deleting individual performances

There are handy links to download or delete individual performances on every performance page. [See the above image.]

What kind of recording files can a student upload?

We accept any kind of video file. For audio, we accept only MP3 format for now.

Can I change who can see or comment on a performance?

Yes, just tweak the performance preferences in the slice’s performance settings (as described above). If you disallow comments after some have been added, you’ll need to manually remove the existing comments.

Can the same slice have performances enabled in one course but not in another course?

Yes indeed. This option is saved at the level of course-slice combination.

What if a slice has performances enabled in multiple courses?

Access to performances is strictly limited to its particular course. So if a slice is in multiple courses and somebody posts a performance in Course One, it will not be visible in the performances section of that same slice within Course Two.