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Managing students

In Soundslice, a student is someone who’s been assigned to one of your private courses. There are two ways to view students under your tutelage.

Method 1: View the students within a specific course

You can quickly see and remove a student in a specific course by clicking on the course’s “Students” tab. You’ll see each student’s username and a button to remove them.


Method 2: View all students across all your courses

To see a list of students from any of your courses, click the “Students” tab in the slice manager. There you’ll see a row for each student, detailing:

  • Their username
  • Their real name
  • What courses of yours that they’re in
  • What date they were added to the course


You won’t be able to remove a student from a specific course via this list. You can, however, click on any of the student’s courses, select the “Students” tab, and remove them there. (Just as in the example at the top of the page.)

Can the same student be in multiple courses?

Yes indeed!

Can students see a list of the other students in the course?

No, they do not see any information about other students in the course.