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Managing students

In Soundslice, a student is someone who’s been assigned to one of your private courses. There are two ways to view students under your tutelage.

Method 1: View the students within a specific course

You can quickly see and remove a student in a specific course by clicking on the course’s “Students” tab. You’ll see each student’s username and a button to remove them.


Method 2: View all students across all your courses

To see a list of students from any of your courses, click the “Students” tab in the slice manager (here’s a direct link). The page will look something like this:


You’ll see a row for each student, detailing:

  • Their username
  • Their real name (if provided)
  • Their email address
  • The date they became your student in Soundslice
  • How many of your courses they’re in, and how many slices you’ve shared with them individually

At the top of the page, you’ll also see the total number of students you’re working with in Soundslice. This is the number we use to bill you monthly (beyond your first 100 students).

Removing students from a single course

To remove a student from a single course, follow the instructions in “Method 1” above.

Removing students entirely

To remove a student from all of your courses, go to your “Students” page (as in “Method 2” above), then click the garbage can icon to the right of the student’s name. We’ll confirm that you actually want to do this, then the student will be removed.

When you remove a student in this way, the following things happen:

  • The student will no longer be in any of your private courses.
  • The student will no longer have access to any slices you’ve shared privately with them.
  • The student will not be notified of this.

Viewing the materials a particular student can access

On the “Students” page (see “Method 2” above), the “Lessons” column has information about how many of your courses the student is in, and how many slices you’ve shared privately with them.

Click that link to view the details. You’ll get a separate page that goes into detail for that specific student:


Here, you’ll see all of the specific courses the student is in, along with all slices you’ve shared with them individually.

Can the same student be in multiple courses?

Yes indeed!

Can students see a list of the other students in the course?

No, they do not see any information about other students in the course.