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Adding slices to a private course

There are two ways to add slices to a private course. You can do it via the slice, or you can do it via the course.

Adding a slice to a course via the slice page

Open your slice in edit mode, then open the privacy dropdown menu in the upper right and choose “Share privately…”


The subsequent screen will look like this:


Click “Share with more people or courses…” and we’ll give you a way to select from your courses and students:


You can use the search box to quickly filter your courses and students. Click a course or student to add it to the selection. You can select multiple courses and/or students if you’d like.

When you’ve made your selections, click “Continue,” and you’ll see a screen like this:


Here, you can select performance settings for this slice in the context of your selected courses/students. Make your selections, then click “Save,” and you’re done.

The slice will be added as the last slice in the course. If you’d like to change its order, you can do that by editing the course itself.

Adding a slice to a course via the course page

Click the “Teach” link in the left sidebar:


This will take you to the list of the courses you’ve created. Click the course you want to edit.

Beneath the “Slices” tab, you’ll see an “Add slices to this course” button if you haven’t added any slices yet.


Otherwise, you’ll see a slightly different “+ Add slices” button, just above the list of existing slices.


Either button will pop up a menu where you can search for and select the slices you’d like to include. You can check the box of multiple slices to add together, or just a single one. (You can always come back to this menu.)


Can I remove a slice I’ve added?

Yes. See here for details.

Can one of my slices be added to multiple courses?

Absolutely. It’s very common for teachers to do this.

Can I add someone else’s slice to my course?

No. Any slice you’d like to add to a private course must be in your own Soundslice account.

If my course is already being accessed by students, will they immediately be able to use the new slice when I add it?

Yes, that’s right. Adding a slice to your course makes it available instantly to the course’s students.