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Teacher plan billing information

Our Teacher plan has a monthly fee based on usage. This page outlines how that all works.

Billing basics

We charge based on how many students are in your account. You can view this number by visiting your students page (here’s a direct link).

If you have 100 students or fewer, you don’t get charged anything extra — just your monthly (or yearly) Teacher plan flat fee.

If you have more than 100 students, we charge 20 cents per each student over that initial 100. Here are a few scenarios, assuming you’re in the monthly Teacher plan ($20/month):

Number of students Fee for extra students Total monthly fee
10 $0 $20
50 $0 $20
100 $0 $20
101 $0.20 $20.20
110 $2 $22
150 $10 $30

Managing your students

You can view all of your students by visiting your students page (here’s a direct link). This list consists of all Soundslice users that you’ve added to a private course or privately shared a slice with.

To reduce your student count, you can remove students from that page by clicking the trash can icon to the right of any student. The student will no longer have access to the courses or slices you’ve shared with them.

How the student count is calculated

Our system records your student count on a daily basis. At the end of the 30-day payment period, we bill based on the largest daily student count we saw during that period.

For example, let’s say you have 50 students at the start of the month. Then, a week later, you add 20 students (making 70 total). Then, a week later, you remove 30 students (making 40 total). At the end of the month, you have 40 total — but you’ll get charged for 70, because that’s the highest total you had during the course of the month.

Timing of payments

Your Teacher bill is split into two sections:

  • The monthly (or yearly) flat fee, which is paid in advance
  • The per-student fee, which is paid after the fact

When you first sign up for the monthly Teacher plan, you’ll be charged a flat $20. A month later, you’ll be charged for the second month, plus any relevant per-student charge from the first month. And so on.

If you opt to pay yearly, you’ll be charged a flat $200 when you first sign up. Then, on a monthly basis, you’ll be charged any relevant per-student charge (if you have more than 100 students in any given month).

Questions? Feel free to contact us any time.