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Become a master music transcriber

Transcribing music is a huge hassle. Soundslice makes it easy.

Create your first transcription

All the tools, one window

No more juggling audio players, slowdown apps and notation editors. Soundslice combines all that into a single tool — all in your web browser.

A focus on sound and subtlety

With Soundslice, your transcription is synced with the original performance — making it easy to remember the attitude along with the notation.

Transcribe, then practice

When done, you’ll have more than a transcription — you’ll have a rich practice environment for that music. And it’s simple to share with others.

The world’s best music transcribing experience

No more juggling slowdown software plus YouTube plus a separate notation editor. Everything’s integrated in Soundslice.

Import YouTube videos, MP3s or other video files — and you can see, hear, slow down and loop the recordings as you notate. That means you get instant feedback as you work.

The end result is a more accurate transcription, plus beautiful notation that’s synced with a human performance. There’s never been a better way to learn from a recording.

Preserve your hard-earned knowledge

Transcribing is a lot of work — so we make sure that the end result is something you can benefit from for a long time.

When you use Soundslice, you create something more valuable than paper sheet music. You create an interactive practice tool for the specific piece of music you’re studying.

So even weeks after you’re done transcribing, you can return to your work and practice immediately — without the friction of having to dig up the recording again.

Built-in, unlimited sharing

When you’re ready, it’s easy to share your work with the Soundslice community, so people can learn it themselves.

Of course, you’re always welcome to keep things to yourself, too. We have no limit on how many pieces you make public or how many you keep private.

See how easy Soundslice makes transcribing

Everyone has their own transcription process, but here’s our humble attempt at showing one approach to transcribing with Soundslice.

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