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Using Soundslice with Sibelius

Use Sibelius to create music notation? Here’s how to load your music from Sibelius into Soundslice.

1. In Sibelius, export your music in MusicXML format. If it asks you whether you prefer “compressed” or “uncompressed” MusicXML, your answer doesn’t matter — we support both.

2. To import that MusicXML file into your Soundslice account, follow the instructions in How to import a notation file. You can also do bulk import.

We recommend using the newest version of Sibelius for the best quality MusicXML. If you’re on an older version, download the free Dolet plugin from — it can generate higher-quality MusicXML files than the native export in some cases.

See Importing MusicXML into Soundslice for some general advice on working with MusicXML.

Can Soundslice import my raw Sibelius file?

Alas, no. The Sibelius file format is proprietary and other products cannot read it. Use MusicXML instead.