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Importing from other formats

At the moment, alas Soundslice does not support every music notation format known to man.

On this page, we provide some tips on how to get your music into Soundslice if you’re using one of those other formats.


Soundslice doesn’t yet have a MIDI importer. In the meantime, we recommend the following workflow, using the free program MuseScore:

  1. Open the MIDI file in MuseScore.
  2. In MuseScore, export it as MusicXML.
  3. Import that MusicXML file into Soundslice.

ABC notation

Soundslice doesn’t yet support ABC notation. In the meantime, it looks like somebody made a free ABC to MusicXML converter. Give it a shot?


Soundslice doesn’t yet support the MEI format. There are some freely available MEI-to-MusicXML tools floating around online. Here’s one.