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Importing TuxGuitar files into Soundslice

Soundslice has native support for importing files created by TuxGuitar.

To import a TuxGuitar file into your Soundslice account, follow the instructions in How to import a notation file. You can also do bulk import.

Note that TuxGuitar offers a MusicXML export. Don’t use that, because TuxGuitar MusicXML files exclude some of the guitar-specific notation. Upload the native TuxGuitar file instead.

What should I do if I’ve already uploaded a TuxGuitar file but noticed a mistake I made in it?

You can either use our built-in notation tab editor to fix the mistake, or you can re-import the file.

What should I do if something in my TuxGuitar file wasn’t imported correctly?

You can use our built-in notation tab editor to fix the problem. And please send us the offending TuxGuitar file so we can improve our importer.

I noticed TuxGuitar can export in Guitar Pro format. Should I use that if Soundslice can’t read my native TuxGuitar file?

Sure, why not. It’s worth a try.