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Importing Guitar Pro files into Soundslice

Soundslice has native support for importing files created by Guitar Pro.

We support files created by any version of Guitar Pro since version 3, including the latest version. This includes:

  • .gp3 (Guitar Pro 3)
  • .gp4 (Guitar Pro 4)
  • .gp5 (Guitar Pro 5)
  • .gpx (Guitar Pro 6)
  • .gp (Guitar Pro 7 and 8)

To import a Guitar Pro file into your Soundslice account, follow the instructions in How to import a notation file. You can also do bulk import.

Note that Guitar Pro offers a MusicXML export. Don’t use that, because Guitar Pro MusicXML files exclude some of the guitar-specific notation. Upload the native Guitar Pro file instead.

Here are some FAQs about Guitar Pro and Soundslice:

What should I do if I’ve already uploaded a Guitar Pro file but noticed a mistake I made in it?

You can either use our built-in notation tab editor to fix the mistake, or you can re-import the file.

I love the Guitar Pro synth sounds. How can I use them in Soundslice?

In Guitar Pro, export your file’s audio as an MP3. Then, in Soundslice, add that MP3 as a recording to your slice.