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Auto-saved player settings

If you’ve customized your Soundslice player interface for a given slice, we can automatically save it so you don’t have to customize it again next time you view that music.

We will auto-save the player settings if any of the following are true:

  • You’re in a paid plan.
  • You’re viewing a course you purchased from our store.
  • You’re viewing a slice that’s been shared privately with you (e.g., by your teacher).

Here’s everything that we auto-save:

This applies to any slice you view on our site, not just the slices you’ve created yourself. And these settings are auto-saved on a per-slice basis.

Per-device settings

If you use Soundslice on multiple devices — like a phone and a laptop — it often makes sense to use different settings in the different environments. A certain layout might be great for a smaller screen but inappropriate for a large screen.

For this reason, we auto-save two sets of player settings: one for small screens and another for larger screens. So if you view a slice on your phone, change the layout, then view the slice on your laptop, your laptop will not use the layout that was auto-saved on your phone.

If I share my slice with other people, do they get my auto-saved settings?

No. The auto-saved settings are limited to your own account. Anybody else viewing your slice will get our default player settings.