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Making the player full-screen

Making Soundslice full-screen is a great way to focus on the music.

If you’re using directly, this will hide your web browser’s interface (such as tabs). If you’re using Soundslice embedded on another website, this will hide all of that website’s navigation.

Activating full-screen mode

Open the player’s settings by clicking the gear icon in the lower right, and click the button for “Full screen” in the middle of the list.


Activating full-screen mode when using Soundslice on another website

If you’re looking at an embedded Soundslice player on another website, you’ll see a full-screen icon directly in the controlbar:


How do I exit full-screen mode?

Different web browsers do different things, but generally you can hit the Escape key or move your mouse cursor to the top of the page (where an “Exit full-screen mode” button might appear).

Can I use full-screen mode when editing a slice?

Yes indeed!

Why don’t I see a full-screen button?

Some web browsers don’t support full-screen web pages — notably iOS (iPhone and some iPads), due to a poorly decided policy by Apple. In this case, you won’t see the full-screen button.

But there is a workaround if you’re using iOS. You can indeed get Soundslice full-screen if you’ve added our website to your home screen. (See here for instructions.)