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Soundslice theme (light vs. dark mode)

Screenshot of same notation in light and dark modes

Soundslice supports light and dark themes. By default, we use whatever your operating system dark mode setting is, but you can change the preference in your account settings. You might prefer the dark theme if you’re using Soundslice on a smartphone or tablet at night.

To set your preferred theme, go to your account settings and click “Change” next to Theme.

The ability to select a theme is limited to accounts in a paid plan.

The available themes are:

  • Auto / player light (default) — we’ll use whatever your operating system’s dark/light preference is. But music will always be on a white background.
  • Auto — we’ll use whatever your operating system’s dark/light preference is. In dark mode, music will be on a dark background.
  • Light — we’ll use light colors for everything.
  • Dark — we’ll use dark colors for everything. Music will be on a dark background.

We intentionally offer a distinction between “Auto / player light” and “Auto” because we believe dark mode for music — light notes on a dark background — is just nontraditional enough that people should need to opt into it instead of it being forced upon them.

What does “Auto” mean?

This means we’ll use whatever your device’s current setting is. For example, some phones automatically use dark mode during certain times of day. If you choose “Auto” in Soundslice, our player will change between light and dark whenever your phone does.