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Metronome and count-in

Our player includes a metronome to help you practice. To activate it, click the metronome icon in the controlbar:


Once you’ve activated the metronome, press Play. You’ll hear a metronome beat on top of the audio — both with real recordings or with synthetic playback.

If you have a real recording selected, note that the metronome’s pulse will follow your syncpoints for the selected recording. If the timing doesn’t sound right, be sure to check your syncpoints.

“On every beat” vs. “Only on downbeats”

In the metronome menu, you can specify whether the metronome sounds on every beat or only on downbeats.

If you’ve selected “On every beat,” the number of beats will be calculated according to the current time signature.


Our count-in feature gives you an audible “1-2-3-4” before playback starts. It’s handy while practicing, because it gives you a chance to grab your instrument or otherwise prepare yourself.

To activate the count-in, open the metronome menu and flip the switch next to “Count-in.” Count-in works for both real recordings and synthetic audio.

The count-in feature has two additional options:

  • “Only at start” vs. “Before each loop” — whether the count-in should be played before each iteration of a loop. Sometimes it’s more natural to practice a loop continuously, and other times it’s handy to have a count-in each time through.
  • Count-in length — select from 1 bar, 2 bars or 3 bars. A longer count-in can be useful for very fast music.

Changing the metronome volume

Just like other synthetic audio, you can change the metronome’s volume in the mixer panel.


To open the mixer, tap this icon in the controlbar:


Can Soundslice save my current metronome settings?

Yes! If you’re logged in and have a paid Soundslice account, we’ll automatically save the current metronome and count-in settings so your practice environment will be preserved next time you view that slice.