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Resizing the player

In the Soundslice player, notation automatically wraps to best fit your screen size. Here, you can see how the number of measures in the first system changes based on the available width:


(That assumes you don’t have “Respect author’s line breaks” checked.)

This means the music will be laid out differently depending on whether you’re viewing it on a smartphone, vs. a tablet, vs. a large computer monitor.

Compare that to PDFs — which are optimized for paper but can be very difficult to deal with on smaller screens. You spend much of your time either squinting to read tiny notation or constantly panning in all directions because it doesn’t all fit on your screen at once.

Is there a way to “lock” a certain screen size?

Yes indeed — you have some sophisticated options, described in the layouts page. Two specific options are:

  • Use Paged layout to evenly distribute your music into “screenfuls.”
  • Use the “Stave width” slider to manually specify how wide the stave should be. This includes a “Fit to screen” option.

Can I change the size of the video or notation without changing the size of the web browser?

Yes. See these guides to: