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Track appearance

In Soundslice, you can hide the parts of notation and tablature that you don’t want to see.

Say you’re looking at four-part choral music, and you only want to see the part of the music that you’re learning. Or maybe you’re looking at a guitar transcription, but you read tab, not standard notation. In either case, you can focus your practice by hiding the parts that you don’t want to see.

The following options in track appearance can be changed on a track-by-track basis:

  • Notation
  • Tablature
  • Chords
  • Lyrics
  • Fingerings

You’ll find the “Track appearance” options in the player’s settings menu. (Gear icon in the lower right.) Each track has its own settings that you can toggle on and off.


Solo individual tracks


Each track has a “Solo” button — a quick shortcut that hides the notation of all other tracks. See how this chamber group notation gets much easier to read for the viola player with the use of the solo button.

Full score:


Solo viola:


Can I solo multiple tracks at the same time?


Are my track appearance changes permanent?

No. If you refresh the page, the tracks will return to their default appearance. The owner of a slice can change its default appearance settings by editing the track.

Lyrics-only view

Something special happens if you hide everything except lyrics. It’s called lyrics-only view, and you’ll find more info on this separate page.

Chord-chart view

Something special happens if you hide everything except chords. It’s called chord-chart view. Read more here.