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Customizing playback in the Soundslice embed

Here are the URL parameters that control audio/video playback in the Soundslice embed.

Use defer=1 to tell Soundslice not to auto-load the default recording. Without this, the default recording’s audio will be loaded immediately at page load.
Use defer=2 to preload every non-synth recording. Use this with caution, as it means your users might use lots of bandwidth (e.g., if your MP3s are large).
Specifies the initial recording to use, e.g. recording_idx=1. By default, Soundslice uses the last recording in the slice’s recording list; this parameter lets you override that. Note this is is a zero-based integer index, where 0 is always Synthetic, 1 is the first “real” recording (if available), and so on.
If you’re using enable_synth=0, please note that recording_idx=0 will still refer to the Synthetic recording.
Use enable_synth=0 to disable the “synthetic” playback that’s available by default. Behavior differs depending on whether your slice has a recording.
If your slice has at least one recording: users will not see “Synthetic” in the list of available recordings. Hence, they won’t be able to select synth playback.
If your slice has no recordings (i.e., only the synthetic player): the Play button will still work, the playhead will still move and the notes will still light up — but there will be no sound.
Specifies the initial playback speed, where 100 is normal speed, 50 is half speed, etc. Any integer between 25 and 200 is valid. Default is 100. Note that some browsers do not support the entire 25-200 range; in this case, Soundslice will automatically use the closest available speed.
Use metronome=1 to activate the metronome immediately at time of page load.