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Setting the embed’s height and width

The Soundslice player is completely responsive — meaning its design adapts to fit whatever space your website gives it. You can make it small, you can make it large, or you can make it something in between.

This “responsiveness” applies to all parts of the player, including the interface, the video (if applicable), the instrument visualizations and even the music notation itself:


To specify our player’s dimensions in your website, change the “width” and “height” attributes in the embed code. We include some default values for common situations, but feel free to tweak.

What are the recommended dimensions?

For width, we highly recommend using width="100%" — hence making the player fit whatever width your web page provides.

For height, this depends on the nature of your music. Our default is height="500" (that’s 500 pixels), but you may choose to make this smaller if you’re using Horizontal Scrollable layout.

If you intend the Soundslice player to be the main focus of your page, we recommend extending our player’s height all the way to the page bottom. Unfortunately, due to the way HTML and CSS work, this is not simple to do, but you can use this small open-source JavaScript code we’ve made to make it work.