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Customizing design/UI of the Soundslice embed

Here are the URL parameters that control the design and user interface of the Soundslice embed.

Places the main controls (the horizontal bar with the play button, etc.) above the notation instead of at the bottom. If a video is visible and it’s displayed above notation (see force_top_video=1), then the controls will be between the video and the notation.
Hides the slice title. This results in a shorter control bar (a vertical savings of about 30 pixels), leaving more room for your notation.
Lets you specify a different label for the synth player. By default, it’s “Synthetic”. Example: synth_display_name=Piano.
Disables the slice-wide transposition slider, which is in the settings menu.
Disables printing. This means the “Print” button won’t appear in the settings menu. If this parameter isn’t given, Soundslice will use the slice’s print settings to determine whether to display a Print button.
Disables the settings menu. The gear icon will not be visible in the lower right, and users won’t have any way of accessing the settings.
Sets dark mode. Use dark=1 to force dark mode. Use dark=3 for auto (which will look at the user’s system’s dark mode preference). By default dark mode is disabled.
Use lang to specify the language the player should use for its various text and UI elements. For example, lang=es will tell the player to use Spanish. This value should be a ISO 639-1 language code. If it’s not provided, invalid, or specifies a language that Soundslice doesn’t yet support, our player will automatically determine the language based on the user’s browser settings. In practice, you only need to use this if you explicitly want to override your users’ browser language settings.