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Dark mode

Screenshot of same notation in light and dark modes

The Soundslice player supports light and dark modes. We use light mode by default, but you might prefer dark mode if you’re using Soundslice on a smartphone or tablet at night.

To switch between light and dark modes, open the player’s Settings menu and look for the “Theme” section:

Screenshot of Theme panel in Settings

For dark mode, the notation will be drawn as light notes on a dark background. We also make several subtle changes to various colors in the interface, such as the playhead color.

The Auto option

Select “Auto” to use your system’s global dark mode setting.

For example, some smartphones automatically use dark mode during certain times of day. If you choose “Auto” in Soundslice, our player will change between light and dark whenever your phone does.

We don’t do this by default because we believe dark mode for music — light notes on a dark background — is just nontraditional enough that people should need to opt into it instead of it being forced upon them.

Saving your preference

If you have a paid Soundslice account, we’ll automatically save your dark mode preference whenever you change it.

This preference applies to any slice you view, sitewide — even slices you didn’t create yourself. So if you tweak the preference while viewing a specific slice, your preferences will apply to any other slice you view from then on.