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Following accounts in the Soundslice community

In the Soundslice community, you can “follow” accounts. This works the same as social networks such as Twitter or Instagram — it basically means you’re interested in the account and want to get notified whenever they post something new.

How to follow an account

As you click around in the Soundslice community, you’ll see buttons that say “Follow.” Click a button to follow that particular person.

Follow buttons can appear in different places. For example, you’ll find one on a user’s profile page:


You’ll also find one on any particular post, next to the person’s username:


Finding accounts to follow

If you’re new to Soundslice, you’ll probably be wondering how to find people to follow!

Here are a few tips:

Your feed

Once you’ve followed some people, you’ll be able to access your feed — a page that shows the latest posts by the people you follow. Again, this is very similar to social media sites you’re likely familiar with.

To access your feed, just log into your Soundslice account and click “Your feed” in the left sidebar:


You’ll also find the latest few posts directly on your Overview page.

“New post” emails

On a daily basis, we’ll send you an email with any new posts from people you’re following.

Weekly activity emails

Every Sunday, we’ll send you an email with some suggested new accounts to follow, plus general Soundslice news. If you have your own channel, this email will also contain some light stats on how many people viewed your stuff in the past week.