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Embedding a channel post

Every slice that’s been posted to a channel can be embedded in any other website, for free.

To embed a channel post into your site, view the post and click the “Embed” tab. That will show you an embed code:


Copy and paste that code into your own website, and you’re good to go.

About the channel post embed

Please note that this style of embed is different than what you get from the Soundslice Licensing plan. The channel post embed is lightweight and doesn’t include practice tools such as slowdown, instrument visualizations or multiple recordings.

Here’s a sample channel post embed:

It includes a “View full version” link that takes people to the full version of the slice on your channel.

If I’ve posted something to my channel, can other people embed it in their own websites?

Yes indeed. It’s not limited to your own use. You can get lots more control with our Licensing plan.

If I’ve embedded a channel post using this method, and the slice gets unpublished, what happens to the embed?

It will stop working.

What’s the point of these channel post embeds?

It’s intended to be a lightweight way for you to promote your Soundslice materials for free. People use this in blogs and other personal websites. It’s particularly nice for short musical examples.