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Integrating with Thinkific

Here’s how we suggest integrating Soundslice into Thinkific.

1. Inside a Thinkific course, create a “multimedia lesson.”

2. In the “Content” section, paste the Soundslice embed URL. For example:{{date_created}}

(Note this does not include the <iframe>. It’s only the URL itself.)

The interface looks like this:


That u={{date_created}} is our recommended way to report the user ID. It will dynamically insert the account-creation date for the user currently viewing the embed.

Why do we suggest the account-creation date? Because unfortunately Thinkific doesn’t provide a way to access a user ID, and the user’s account-creation date is the closest we have to a per-user unique ID. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have multiple users who create their accounts at the exact same second, so this is reliable enough for our counting purposes.