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Create video music lessons and sell them in our marketplace. Students love the technology, you’ll love the revenue.

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Example courses: Swing mandolin, drumming rudiments, neosoul guitar, and more →

What’s this all about?

With Soundslice Lessons, you can work with us to create beautiful, interactive music lessons and sell them in our marketplace.

It’s an entirely new way of teaching. Your students see video synced with notation/tabs and can slow down, loop sections, view animated fretboards/keyboards and much more. If there’s a better way of learning music online, we haven’t seen it.

After you record lessons, you’ll work with someone at Soundslice to help you with transcribing, video editing and creation of marketing materials as needed. When everything’s ready to go, we’ll “pull the switch” and your course will be live in our marketplace. You’ll get up-to-the-minute monitoring tools to track sales.

The business terms are generous and simple. You set the pricing for your courses and pay $20/month to be included in our marketplace. We take a 30% cut of sales after credit-card fees.

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Who is this for?

Soundslice Lessons is for you if you’re a musician and:

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