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Trying out "Jazz Lick #7" by Lorenzo Ferrero More…

Corn Rigs Cover

Covering cowirrie · March 12, 2019


A cover of Corn Rigs, a slice originally shared by cowirrie More…


Shashank Jodidar is from Bengaluru (Bangalore), India. Here, he is covering a performance by Pranav Dath, Nagendraprasad Subbu, and Konnakkol Somashekar Jois.… More…

100˚ (sample) Cover

Covering soundslice · March 10, 2019


Cover of 100° - Zoology/Beau Diakowicz (guitar 1) More…

Turning it around Cover

Covering soundslice · Feb. 22, 2019


Thought I would try something a little different with this Joe Pass lick from Misty featured on the 'Turning it around' slice. More…

The Banks of Spey Cover

Covering cowirrie · Jan. 11, 2019


Had a ball learning this Scottish fiddle tune. Decided to layer a few percussive ideas and hopefully didn't get too out-there with the guitar accompaniment.… More…