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Christiaan is a well known violinist and guitarist in the gypsy jazz scene and often performs as a guest of the Rosenberg Trio and alongside Stochelo Rosenberg in different groups.


I study gypsy jazz. Might go to a jam soon. Currently living in Amsterdam


Gypsy Jazz & Swing guitarist, obsessed by Django and European Folk Music.


Grew up playing in garage bands, inspired by groups like VanHalen, Cars, Tom Petty. Matured to Balkan Brass Bands and Gypsy Jazz styles. Lover of a broad eclectic range of music old and new.


I have a passion for instrumental Guitar music of any sort. I have played Bass and Guitar in a traditional Surf Music combo for 20 years. I am very much into C13 Lapsteel and Gypsy Jazz these days. Adrian is the most talented programmer ever!


Guitarist with influences from around the world - Flamenco, Classical, Tango, Bossa Nova, Gypsy Jazz, Latin, Pop, Rock, Ambient...


Music educator and musician in a bigband and a gypsy jazz trio.


I am a native to classical piano who loves jazz. Especially guitar. Especially gypsy flavored.


Florent Devos is an international performing jazz guitarist and teacher in the gypsy swing style. His career has taken him across Asia, Europe and Australia, performing with various ensembles and styles both as a sideman and bandleader.


Musician, teacher, arranger, composer


A versatile guitarist with technical sophistication and great sensitivity. Award winner with International Career. Gypsy Jazz Promotor in Portugal. Pat Metheny Group/Trio Tribute Band.


Guitarist in Chicago. Likes: pop guitar, straight-ahead jazz (including gypsy), trad, R&B, musical theatre and punk. Dislikes: shorts.


Professional guitarist from Durango Mexico: some of my main interests in music are Gypsy jazz, Jazz, funk, Progressive metal, psichodelic rock, etc. 5 years of experience teaching guitar, especcially Jazz guitar and improvisation for musicians.


Architect, visual artist and gypsy jazz enthusiast.


Gypsy jazz is the way.


Using as a teaching tool mostly for young piano/guitar students, but also for some advanced Gypsy Jazz too.


My name is Christophe Astolfi, I am a Gypsy jazz guitarist specializing in the interpretation of Gypsy and Musette waltzes.


Gypsy Jazz guitarist based in London UK


leader of the Hot Club of Philadelphia Gypsy Jazz Band. I Play & teach blues, rock, folk, transcriptions, charts. My Patreon page is, YouTube


Guitar player and teacher → // YT channel Guitare Improvisation (+200K) // Gypsy jazz guitar player and composer in the band Paris Music Tales →


Gypsy-jazz guitarist and Soundslice developer. I post musical ideas and lick transcriptions here.


Guitar/Ukulele Teacher and Performer of over 30 years experience. Teaching the joy of playing music of all styles including: Gypsy Jazz, Bossa, Blues, Folk to Pop Rock. My online music community is on Patreon: