10 “Minor Swing” guitar exercises

Equip yourself to improvise over this Reinhardt/Grappelli gypsy jazz classic

In this course, Tim takes you through all you need to know to begin to improvise over this gypsy jazz standard.

The 10 exercises become incrementally more challenging as the course progresses. It starts off simply, introducing the most standard arpeggios, followed by an exercise using those arpeggios over the solo section of “Minor Swing” in strict quarter notes.

Gradually, Tim introduces more material into the exercises. By the end of the course, you should have an excellent grasp of minor, major, minor 6, dominant 7 and diminished 7 arpeggios in all positions, together with the minor and harmonic minor scales.

Most importantly, you will understand when to use these “building blocks” in your improvisations, while also getting a solid foundation for further study.

The course does not cover playing the melody of the tune (the “Intro” and “Outro” sections). It is solely concerned with the 16-bar solo section. It does not cover the rhythm guitar part, although chords are suggested in the arpeggio lesson sections.

Finally, for your practice sessions, you can toggle on/off the lead guitar recording and hear only a rhythm guitar backing track for each etude. Click “Video” at the bottom of any etude and switch the audio source. Enjoy!



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Total time: 30 minutes across 23 parts

· Preview Free preview
· Introduction
· 1.0 A Minor arpeggios
· 1.1 D Minor arpeggios
· 1.2 E Major Arpeggios
· 1.3 Etude No.1
· 2.0 Etude No.2
· 3.0 A and D Minor Scales
· 3.1 A Harmonic Minor Scale
· 3.2 B Diminished 7 Arpeggios
· 3.3 Etude No.3
· 4.0 Etude No.4
· 5.0 E Dominant 7 Arpeggios
· 5.1 Etude No.5
· 6.0 D Harmonic Minor Scale
· 6.1 Etude No.6
· 7.0 A Minor 6 Arpeggios
· 7.1 D Minor 6 Arpeggios
· 7.2 Etude No.7
· 8.0 Bb Diminished 7 Arpeggios
· 8.1 Etude No.8
· 9.0 Etude No.9
· 10.0 Etude No.10

About Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson is a guitarist based in London. He became interested in the music of Django Reinhardt as a teenager and has been playing and performing the style — now known as gypsy jazz, jazz manouche or gypsy swing — ever since. He has been lucky enough to play with many of the best players in the genre and has toured widely in the UK and Europe.

In recent years, Tim has become known as a teacher of the style, mainly through the success of his YouTube channel and the free lessons on his website. In summer 2013, he was on the teaching staff at the world-renowned Django In June event in the USA. He is author of the “Gypsy Jazz Guitar” app available in Apple’s app store, and is a regular contributor to Robin Nolan’s “Gypsy Jazz Secrets” magazine.

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