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Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons, Vol.1
Denis Chang
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Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lessons, Vol.1

Brand new series by the creator of DC Music School
Jazz · Gypsy jazz
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A brand new series for Soundslice by the owner of DC Music School. People have been asking me to create a beginner lesson series for Gypsy Jazz. Here it is! Read full description…

A brand new series for Soundslice by the owner of DC Music School. People have been asking me to create a beginner lesson series for Gypsy Jazz. Here it is!

Having worked with the cream of the crop such as Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Jimmy Rosenberg, Angelo Debarre, Tchavolo Schmitt, Fapy Lafertin, etc., I have developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the style known as Gypsy Jazz. Furthermore, I have been teaching this style for more than 15 years to students all over the world. In recent years, I've had a homestay program in Montreal, Canada, where I've welcomed students from all over the world into my home.

I don't believe in any one set method for teaching. Everyone is different. No system will work for everyone. However, I've developed this series for people who are new to the genre but have some experience on the guitar. The only prerequisites are:

-The technical ability to play all the common major and minor chord shapes.
-The technical ability to use a pick. If you're able to play a simple scale in 8th notes at 100bpm, that's enough.

This course is really for those who need the extra help and who need some kind of structure. We will cover everything you really need to know to play this music as soon as possible with the least hassle as possible. The focus is on playing actually music. I teach you all you need to know about this music from A to Z. Instead of working on scales and arpeggios, we will be working on repertoire and vocabulary. I will explain everything to you from a historical perspective and explain why things are the way they are in as simple terms as possible. You do not need to know how to improvise. This is really starting from zero.

This course may not be ideal for people who are advanced guitarists but new to the genre. Stay tuned for another course for such players!

Transcriptions: Zak Martel

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Full course is 63 minutes across 25 parts
1. Introduction
2. Practicing
3. Music As A Language
4. Gypsy Jazz Rhythm - Right Hand
5. Gypsy Jazz Rhythm - Left Hand
6. Simple Chords & Minor Swing Pt.1
7. Minor Swing Pt.2
8. Blues En Mineur (Simple Chords)
9. Dark Eyes (Simple Chords)
10. Honeysuckle Rose (Simple Chords)
11. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Simple Chords)
12. Lady Be Good (Simple Chords)
13. All Of Me (Simple Chords)
14. Gypsy Jazz Chord Voicings
15. Minor Swing (Gypsy Voicings)
16. Minor Blues (Gypsy Voicings)
17. Dark Eyes (Gypsy Voicings)
18. Honeysuckle Rose (Gypsy Voicings)
19. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Gypsy Voicings)
21. Simple Endings
20. Lady Be Good (Gypsy Voicings)
22. Rhythm Exercise
23. Right Hand Technique (Lead)
24. Licks
25. Final Thoughts

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